Using link congestion to control routing updates

Hello all,

  I was wondering if anyone was aware of a way to use the congestion
of a network link to control the routing update. For example if I have a
very small link that gets congested, I may want the router to withhold a
routing update until link congestion falls below a certain threshold like
60% of bandwidth. Is anyone aware of anything like this available today
or a technique that might accomplish something similar? You can contact
me off list if this topic isn't germane.

Thanks for your help,

Dave Olverson

Route flap is bad. Something like this would introduce a huge amount of route flap, and would probably just end up causing congestion ossilation.

As far as I know there is nothing to do this in the 'common' routers (cisco, Juniper).


The first thing that comes to my mind would be conditional announcements.
You could have an internal routing server setup on a private ASN, which
monitors the congestion with snmp. When congestion is occuring, inject a
bogus route into BGP (say,, with different IPs to be
injected depending on the link that is experiencing congestion).
Configure your conditional announcements to NOT announce your routes over
the particular link when the bogus route shows up. And of course, to
prevent flapping, advertise your bogus routes for X minimum period of
time after congestion dissapears.

I can't see any reason why this wouldn't work or would be a poor idea...


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