UseNet Feeds.

If anyone has a usenet server and would like a feed let me know. (FYI
current full feed is 72mb/s) We also can peer bandwidth at any of our sites
which you can see at (PAIX ATL and
Palo Alto are too)


<SARCASM> If anyone is looking for T1/T3 services in Manhattan let me
know. </SARCASM>

In an effort to keep what seems like merely a sales pitch from the
previous post on topic...

The best thing we ever did at the last company I worked at to improve
network/newsgroup performance was switch to Satellite Newsfeed. That
assumes you are at a location where you can run a satellite dish to your
news server though. All the newsfeed traffic comes in over the satellite
and frees up the network for customer traffic.

We went from 45 gig/day to well over 200 gig daily switching to satellite.
The company we purchased the feed for at the time didn't offer a filtered
satellite feed though. (The feed came from which became
Cidera) Looks like on their web page now they offer filtering services
before transmission now though.

I'm very grateful the company I work for now outsources News. One less
headache to deal with.