usable T1 bandwidth

usable T1 bandwidth 3/18/97

where is the "approved topics list" by the way ...


where is the "approved topics list" by the way ...

That question is not an approved topic?

BTW, of what national network are you an operator?


I answered the original question off list. Can we drop it now?

Look, all you arrogant, self-important fscks! Knock it off with the
secret handshake gag already. And stop playing "my network (penis) is
bigger than your network (penis)".

This is an open list; I don't find a /list/ charter or FAQ anywhere. If
you want to start a country club, make a closed list somewhere.

A polite "that question is more appropriately asked on the inet-access
list" or similar would have been just fine.

You bitch about new network operators who don't know how to keep their
BGP announcements clean, and who don't know about the politics and
procedures of peering vs. transit, and the NAPs and elsewhere. But
let someone come here and try to learn, and you turn your nose up and
try to shame them out of your sight.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.