US Provisioned GSM cards abroad... SSL Issues?

Curious. Has anyone on the list here ever encountered issues while
traveling in EMEA accessing SSL websites back in the states while
using an ATT/Cingular GSM data card? We are seeing some issues with
this and were curious to see if anyone else is seeing the same issue.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank You,
Mike Lyon

Do you have a tcptraceroute? Might some "helpful", "transparent" proxy
be getting in your way? (You don't say anything about what your issues

    --Steve Bellovin,

Such broken "transparent" proxies seem to be very common on GSM carrier's
data networks. I've even recently seen problems that look like a re-direct
loop without ever really hitting the server, with a pre-paid SIM from
Yoigo (a Spanish carrier). Mind you, this was a complex SSL setup involving
client-side certificates, and "normal" SSL sites.

Solution: set up a "good" squid proxy somewhere, perhaps on an uncommon port,
to bypass the "evil" proxy.

Next problem: empty bank account when the roaming charges come home :wink: