US Domain -- County Delegations

> This is true for non-geographic markets, but what happens when the Internet
> reaches a size where geographic markets develop?
> In other words, when it makes sense to buy pizza on the Net, won't it make
> sense to revive geographic naming, to serve geographic markets?

There are also organizations, such as ours, which cannot sanely
aggregate traffic on a geographic measure, since a single gateway
to a corporate network (which may span the globe) may be located
in Duluth. We simply cannot sanely assign networks on a geographical
basis. This would be farcical. CIDR'isation in this case would be
on a corporate/organizational level.

In this thread, no one has yet mentoned this particular issue.

i realize that this has _no_ impact on domain naming, yet it is
indeed an issue which has been overlooked by most providers.

- paul

Check the followup on bigz.

The summary is that the container is not the thing contained.