US Domain -- County Delegations

i would fear for the interconnects if all seven root servers got 600/sec


  5 minute input rate 26121000 bits/sec, 13430 packets/sec
  5 minute output rate 19862000 bits/sec, 12327 packets/sec

That's one of two connections to a particular (busy) interconnect
at a pretty quiet time (22:30 EDT Tuesday). We see 15-minute
periods of ~35Mbps inbound these days on the same link.

The interconnects that are based on FDDI and DEC FDDI switches
are working *beautifully*. Admittedly the bridging happening
here and there to accomodate slow connections has occasional
hiccups which cause nasty side-effects, but that's one of
the very few flaws in the whole scheme of the MAEs, one NAP,
and the special hack done at another NAP.

Say, does anyone know if ATM NAP gear can handle > 20Mbps yet?