US Domain -- County Delegations

The point is that people will continue to use their SunOS 3.5,
Xenix286, and BellTechnologies Unix, IDRIS, or whatever archane old
Unix flavor they have and if it has a resolver at all it won't know
the first thing about hashing anything. Those folks that can't
recompile their applications can type, and do their part
to add a level of hierarchy, but they aren't going to be happy
computing a hash function and typing that in as a DNS name.

I believe that Paul's suggestion was that this level of hashing
or the additional heirarchy be hidden within the root name servers.
I.e., a request to for would get translated
within their named to and sent off to ns-ci-com.whoever,
who would then pass the info back as "" to avoid confusing

Such a change is easy (*cough*) to impliment in a limited fashion
on a few root servers, as long as what gets back to the end users
is still "", which this idea would do. It just puts a
transparent additional level of heirarchy in, hidden behind the
root servers.


george william herbert
  KD6WUQ Unix / Internet Consultant