US Domain -- County Delegations

> Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 00:51:03 -0400
> From: Curtis Villamizar <>
> Is, dec.nyse, a problem? This takes the
> arbitrary decision out of accepting or denying someone access to the
> .com hierarchy and enforces and already strict naming.
There are two problems I see with this. There are many companies who are
privately held, including billion dollar ones. Also, there are companies
who have certificates traded on more than one trading place (I know of
Japan/US situations.)

Privately held companies will have to go in the geographic heirarchy.
I don't think this is a major hardship.

It's OK to have two domain names if trading on more than one exchange.

The more fundamental question is where do you put all the companies that
you are now forcing out of .com?

Put them in the geographic heirarchy.


Of course the $25k a year to stay in .com might also be an option for
the truly huge and certainly fund some hefty root name servers.


If there is anyone here who is not on com-priv, there is a discussion
right now about the Internic's new policies on domain naming that touches
on some of the same issues. Send a subscribe message to

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