US Domain -- County Delegations

>Or, even better, for major metropolitan areas like SF, LA, NYC,
>CHI etc the name central city can be used instead of state.

Michael Dillon wrote:

This would seem to indicate that geographical domains are a bad idea and
that domain names should be based on some characteristic that is less
likely to change over time.

The geographical position (modulo state/metro area) of an organization
or an individual _is_ the most stable characteristic, on average.
Moving long-distance is hard and few people or companies do that
more than two times in their life.

What i was talking about is that using state names does not
provide sufficient granularity. It makes sense to use "locales"
instead of historical administrative domains. I.e. a person living
in Kansas City will likely to think of it as of a single city,
not something between Missouri and Kansas.

And, anyway, the goal is to make hierarchy deeper, without making
it hard to use. <city>.<state>.us is too long to type. <state>.us
is not enough; so here goes my proposal of "extended states".