US Domain -- County Delegations

Least we keep repeating "25,000,000 mid-to-large-sized businesses
in the United States", which as someone pointed out would be ~10
persons per business, I offer some counter numbers.

Over 95% of all corporate wealth/capitalization in the United States
is contained in the largest 5000 businesses. A good deal of that is
contained in the top 500. I believe that it is in everyone's interest,
and not a technological burden, to support these few thousand companies
in a top level .com domain. Just because there may be millions of
tiny home businesses does not mean that e.g. IBM should end up several
levels deep in the tree. Look at the number of people that will access
IBM vs. my home business. Think of having to traverse potentially
backwater DNS servers to access multi-billion dollar companies?

Of course deciding who's in or out is where the difficulty lies, but
the technology doesn't demand uniform inconvenience for us all.

- Phil