US Domain -- County Delegations

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 07:48:42 -0700
From: Paul A Vixie <>

The whole point of a name space is to make things easier to remember.

This is the old invariant. It's varied. I'm still waiting for a proposal
for a hierarchy which will hold 25,000,000 names and still have them all
easy to remember, or easy to guess from external knowledge.

The new "whole point of" the DNS name space is to provide names which change
less often than IP addresses change. If we could do just that we'd be winning.

I'd like to question that 25e6 figure. It's one "mid-to-large" (to quote
you) company in the US for every 10 inhabitants. Really? Is it perhaps
a world figure instead?

If we want a hash that's easy to compute from the company name, use the
first three characters of the name, not something which requires external
knowledge. It certainly does not solve the name-conflict problem, but it
does provide sufficient division of the namespace to make the load on
any one branch bearable, both for name service and for registration.

Barney Wolff <>