US Domain -- County Delegations

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 07:42:05 -0700
From: Paul A Vixie <>

I already know that U.S. companies put under states are going to feel
overspecified. I can already hear the reasons why IBM.COM.NY.US is
supposedly "wrong" since IBM is a nationwide, no, worldwide company.
On the other hand they're incorporated in New York and the point isn't
to have the name make sense, it's to keep the hierarchy from flattening.

To make matters far worse, a very disproportionate number of
corporations are "located" in Delaware for legal and tax reasons, even
if they only have a small office in that state. Whoever is responsible
for DE will have a very big job! And think of all the traffic that
will cross teh pond because people forget the ".US"!

I think Paul is right on the mark on this one.

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