URL: Spammers Lose Access, IEMMC Collapses



- paul

I hate that, I really liked having the X-Advertisement header that I can
filter on.

John Tamplin Traveller Information Services
jat@Traveller.COM 2104 West Ferry Way
205/883-4233x7007 Huntsville, AL 35801

I agree, having that there to filter on, since most of the spam we've been
getting lately has been through them, made spam almost not a nuisance...

I'd been in favor of some form of header based ID scheme for spam for a
while, and was quite happy to see them start doing it on their own.

-David Mercer
infiNETways, Inc.
Tucson, AZ

A few more at:



This actually seems relevant to NANOG, maybe ...

I sent a message to Agis when I first read this article, thanking them for
doing what they had to do, and wishing Sanford ill in his legal threats. Of
course, I cc'ed domreg@cyberpromo.com, just to be a jerk about it.

The address @cyberpromo just got bounced, the "couldn't send message in five
days" spiel - as far as I can tell, the spam-meister's been out of comission
for a week ...

(Not that I seem to be getting any less, but it's heartening to see one of
the big wigs get really screwed!)