URGENT: Operational Integrity Problem with IQ-INTERNET.COM

What relevance does this have to the NANOG community?

Probably none. But as long as you've mentioned it, I am now feeding my
blackhole routing table (full of spammers like iq-internet.com) to several
people via OSPF. (I am not willing to feed it with BGP since the potential
for leaks is much greater.) Anyone who isn't getting it that wants it
should let me know. It only has on it people who have ignored warnings
and continued to send unwanted mass e-mail. I make the blackhole feed
available free of charge, but you have to sign an agreement promising not
to leak the blackhole routes to anyone who has not explicitly asked to
receive them.

In Star Trek they call this "rotating shield frequencies."

You can also follow along with http://www.vix.com/spam/ and edit your own
blackhole list. But if you are worried -- and you should be! -- about not
checking back and removing people who have stopped spamming, or you would
like to be on more of a hair-trigger for having the blackhole routes
entered into your network, I am willing to provide a real time feed on the
above terms.