Updated Ookla Speedtest Server Requirements

You might consider pointing people to the DSLReports Speed Test (www.dslreports.com/speedtest)

- It is also free (no cost), and HTML-based.

- It's graphically far more attractive than testmy.net

- It's easier for people to use. Click one button: it automatically selects the nearest test server and runs all the tests.

- It retains test history, so your customers can compare today's tests with earlier runs.

- It measures latency *under load*, which really affects a lot of people's perception of "network speed".

- I find DSLReports to be more accurate than testmy.net. In several runs today, testmy.net results average 90% of the up/download speeds seen by DSLReports, Ookla, and netperf measurements on my 7mbps/768kbps DSL connection.


My home cable connection

testmynet 12/2.4
speedtest.net 94/3.3
dslreports 94/3.4

testmynet is not very accurate

I see they support speed-test via IPv6 testing! Good job & kudos to them! :slight_smile:

I just wish their Australian server was part of the IPv6 selection pool.

150+ms to the nearest one from down here.


Sorry list, I just realised I didn't quote the prior message I was referring to! Thanks Matt for the off-list reply that made me realise.

To be clear for others, it was dslreports that I noticed has IPv6 support and them who I was pointing the kudos towards, not the other speedtest service which was in the subject header.

Apologies for any confusion & full creds to dslreports!


Note that Ookla's speedtest server runs fine over IPv6 -- we have ours
dual-stacked and also with a specific FQDN.