Update to the IPv4 Registry¹s Format and Content

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IANA has improved the format for the IPv4 Address Space registry. At the
same time, the entries that were marked ³Various Registries² have been
replaced with references to the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) that
provides WHOIS and reverse DNS service for that /8 allocation.

If you want to machine-process the IPv4 registry, the new fields are:

* Prefix
* Designation
* Date
* Whois
* Status
* Note

where the Date will always be of the form ³YYYY-MM² and the status has the
following possible values:


/8 allocations that contain legacy assignments in them that are now managed
by the RIRs have the text ³Administered by² in the Designation column.
Legacy assignments refer to IP address allocations made before the RIR
system was established.

Reserved address space held by IANA does not have a date listed.

The registry can be found at:


If you have questions about the structure of the new format, please send
e-mail to iana@iana.org.

Kind regards,

Leo Vegoda
Manager, Number Resources - IANA