Update to completewhois.com whois tool & website. Hijacked IP blocks List

I have recently made available new version of completewhois tool and website.
There are many new features in the whois engine (see below about that). As
far as website of expected interest to NANOG community is the results of
investigations into number of hijacked ip blocks (done by me and others in
cooperation on hijacked mailing list) - the list of hijacked ip blocks
and investigation files (to find and notify proper ip block owner) are
available at http://www.completewhois.com/hijacked/

And as far as new features in whois engine, these are:
1. A fully developed website with (hopefully user-friendly) GUI interface
2. An even more complex whois engine with large set of options that can be
    used by those doing direct queries from unix server (for list of options
    see http://www.completewhois.com/help.htm)
3. Ability do combined searches, for example do both whois on domain and
    also have engine do whois on all ips of nameservers for the domain or
    whois on ip and reverse dns domain for the as well as combine results
    with dns (3 types of dns queries), radb, etc.
4. Ability to SAVE results for later retrieval (that means query results
    are saved in our the database and you can quickly access it or have
    the url reference from the website). This is usefull to preserve
    whois record in case it may change in the future.
5. CGI now allow direct reference as URL (supports GET paramters), i.e.
6. Larger set of supported top level domains - around 150 (but this is work
    currently in progress as all domain settings are being reviewed).
7. Whois on .COM/.NET/.ORG domains have ip of nameserver resolved as part
    of whois query - both whois in crsnic and dns lookups are used (option
    can control which is used and how). In the future, this will be
    supported for number of other domains as well.
8. As always engine maintains best ip whois functionality and follows a
    lot of refererals to other more specific whois databases run by isps
    and country nics (announced last week by ARIN "ReferralServer"
    field is by now supported too).
9. Support for IPv6 should now be working (requires explicit option
    enable_ip6=on and its still early beta and bit buggy) both for ip
    whois and for dns, including domain nameservers. Direct IPv6 whois
    access is in development and will probably be available in September.

So now feel free to check this all out and beta test it and send your
comments offline to comments@completewhois.com. As always this is free
tool with no commercial interruptions of any kind :slight_smile:

Hi - Can anyone inform me, when a Cisco box (in the backbone) is configured
to inject a default route into, is that considered an intra-area
route or an inter-area route?

Many thanks

Simon Brilus
Bulldog Communications

Well, since you are probably doing this either via the
"default-information originate" command, or via the "redistribute
command, its always going to be an AS-EXTERNAL route (inter-area),
either type 1 or 2 (depending on what you configure as metric-type).