UPDATE: RE: MFS Outage 6:30PM PDT 4/18/97

FYI: (11:00PM PDT)

At approximately 7:30PM, MFS arrived on site.
We offered them clean power from our in-house
UPS and rectifiers at this time, which would have
prevented the rapid, regular resetting of their
line cards. They were not interested in the power
at this time.

By 8:30PM, they were convinced their rectifier
was the cause of their power loss. They still are
not interested in our power.

By 10:15, they had restored power to their rectifier.
Many of their line cards, including an OC48, did not
return back to an operational state, likely due to
the rapid resetting previously. Again we offered our
power, however now they definitely were convinced it
was unnecessary as their rectifiers were functioning.
Instead, they are forcing us to wait until next week.

As of 11:00, the line cards are still not functioning.

Boy, I wish all of the trouble tickets/reports I saw were written by a
third party. Can you imagine how much @#%^@# it would cut through?