Unsubstantiated Rumor

What appears below is an unsubstantiated rumor, but some rumors are true...

I knew this went to the FCC before and was shot down.
The FCC was not too impressed with the phone companies claim that the load
was "too high". Plus the Whitehouse doesn't want to put too many tolls
on the "information superhighway".

I'll look into it and see what is going on.

I think the proposed Access Tariff is a serious matter. But I think it
might be better discussed elsewhere, as it is a business not an ops issue,
and is likely to generate some volume for some time.


The detailed background info on this issue can be found on
Page 1 of WebWeek, Jan 20, 1997.

"ISPs Could Owe New Fees To Telcos if FCC Gives its OK".

FCC has an email box at


for ISPs and consumers to send informal comments. The deadline is
Feb 21, and March 24 is the dead for replies to comments.

FCC will post the comments at


Hong Chen 408-567-3800 (tel)
hchen@aimnet.net 408-567-0990 (fax)

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