unreachable Sites

I have been notified this morning by several people that there is some
websites that are unreachable from Haiti: http://www.hostcentric.com,
http://www.gama.ht those are examples. It happens with different ISP. When
we change th DNS using the google one it's ok for some but some
others still remain unreachable. Can some of you from the Nanog list check
and advise?

Thank you

It's Ok Now.

Thanks for your replies.


You could always use OpenDNS as an alternative, especially to debug a
problem with the service. I don't know their resolver addresses off of the
top of my head (sorry David), but I'm sure that it's easy to find them
either here, https://store.opendns.com/get/basic or perhaps someone could
email them to you offline.

Best Regards,