unqualified domains, was ICANN to allow commercial gTLDs

Another avenue could be At-Large. The North American Regional At-Large
Organization (NARALO) - uniquely amongst the RALO's - accepts individual

as the elected unaffiliated member representative (or "umr") i suppose i
should point out that (a) yes, the structural feature of individual
membership exists in the naralo, and (b) it is unique to this ralo, and
(c) these members do elect an officer to the ralo leadership, in some
cases by accliamation or apathy, depending upon point of view, and (d)
redundently, i am that stuckee.

points (c) and (d) are not terribly important to the issue of how any
number of persons having no other "at large structure" (als) membership,
say a local isoc chapter, may, if they choose, lobby for what they each,
jointly or severally -- to express involvement as a liability -- think
is in the public interest. i simply mention (c) and (d) for completeness.

i do have a caveat to offer. when i switched from the contracted parties
to the naralo mailing lists i found a "technical" working group and hoped
right on over. i foud that its purpose was not to provide a venue for the
technical evaluation of policy issues, such as the sanity of v6-uber-alles
as a non-negotiable requirement for new registries located where there is
no v6, but to educate others. at that point i hoped right out.

i don't think "policy for dummies" is any more attractive than "tech for
dumies" as process and competency models.


as joly's comment implies, there's a link to click, and consequences in
the form of works, not faith.