Ungodly packet loss rates

I read with great interest the "Ungodly packet loss rates" thread.
It appears that an Internet user did a reasonably good job of articulating
his frustration with the quality of Internet service he was receiving.

The response from the nanog list was generally unsympathetic, (with
a very few notable exceptions such as Kent, Curtis and Tony). The
user was told that his mail was "inappropriate" and was even called
a "whiner" and told to "shut up," (comments which apparently were not
considered inappropriate).

I had a couple of thoughts about this thread:

o If I were writing an Internet-II proposal, I would consider
  using this thread to bolster my case that my community of
  interest needs an Internet VPN such as Internet-II because
  the Internet operations community is unreceptive to complaints
  about the service I am receiving.

o If I were reviewing Internet-II proposals, I might hope that
  I got done with my reviews before, for example, a University
  president sent mail to nanog complaining about the Internet
  service his or her university was receiving.