Ungodly packet loss rates

Well, we were the original dialup provider in Philly, so our dialup customers
tend to the more clueful - but when we sit with the dialup customers we do
get (who are mostly by referral, since we don't blast the area with ads
like Erol's does) they understand, even if they aren't educated :slight_smile:

And we send our WeJustGotOffOfAOL customers to Erols or elsewhere if they
are high-maintenance..

But the NANOG-appropriate target is how providers deal with dedicated-line
customers. Yes, there are some very fussy ones, but we really haven't
had anyone who wasn't convinced to just complain to the site they were
trying to get to about their poor connectivity if we could show them good
connectivity to everywhere but that site or that the connectivity problems
were localized to the remote end.