Ungodly packet loss rates

> > In other words, the big players don't like the "open" naps and
> > are deliberately not installing sufficient bandwidth to them?
> No, the open NAP's are bad engineering and the big players are fixing the
> topology by routing around them.

But people keep claiming that some naps are well engineered and have
excess capacity and that the problem is the size of the pipes leading
to them. Adding more pipes is easy enough, leading to the conclusion
that there are other factors at play.

> Visualize a typical garden spiderweb. All the main strands lead to the

But a spiderweb is for trapping things. Visualize Federal Express and
their "super nap" model for moving packages.

Even FedEx has abandoned the "Super Nap" model to some extent. FedEx
now has several contractors which run everything from Cessna Caravans
to 737's for local stuff like SJC/SFO/MRY<-->OAK -- OAK<-->LAX --
LAX <--> SAN/SNA/etc.

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