Ungodly packet loss rates

[Quotes mercilessly reordered]

I'm amazed at the attitude I'm getting from this list. You are,
collectively, in the business of running a large network. I am a


paying user of that network. The network is not delivering appropriate

  No. You're a minimal-paying user of a minimal provider
  who has connected to our network.

performance, as measured most importantly by the time I and others
spend waiting around for characters to echo, Web pages to display, and
whatnot. This time is long far more often than it's historically
been, and far more often than a reasonable person might expect.

  Its has no apostrophe when it's not possessive. At any
  rate, consider this analogy.
    Some of us pay $10K/month for 100% quality
    Some pay $2-$5K/month for mostly near 100% quality
    Some pay $400-$2K/month for a connection to that
    Some pay $10-$30 a month for a connection to a connection
      to that.

  so shut up.


Although my immediate complaint is prompted by a specific incident,