Undersea fiber cut after Taiwan earthquake - PCCW / Singtel / KT e tc connectivity disrupted

A listing of cable ships around the world and their approximate
locations (as of a couple of months ago) is available from the
Submarine Telecoms Forum, at


and click on "Issue 29".

There just aren't that many ships in the area, or any area, for
that matter. The regional cooperative facilities for cable repair
and maintenance are planned based on some standard risk assessments,
and the recent quakes seem to have caused damage outside the planned

  > I've wondered how many boats/subs exist for these repairs
  > and if attempting to do them all in parallel is going to be a big
  > problem. With 6 systems having outages, it will be interesting to see
  > when various paths/systems come back online and if there is a gating
  > factor in underseas repair gear being available in the region.

  Much of the affected cables are managed under the SEAIOCMA (South
  East Asia Indian Ocean Cable Maintenance Agreement). I am not sure
  how many ships they have on stand-by in the region, but probably not
  enough to send out one ship to each of the faults, given that
  multiple faults have been reported on most cable systems.

  I presume, the more important cable systems - those with higher
  stakes for the SEAIOCMA signatories will get repaired first followed
  by others.