Unacceptable Delay

we've just received a bunch of nanog mail here at genuity that was
delay *eight* hours between the time it reached merit.edu, and the
time our mx host recieved it from merit, according to the headers.
we've received external mail from all over the place all day with no
apparent delay. has *no* one else seen any great delays in the
messages from nanog?

  i don't think the packet loss has been that bad for 8 hours. :slight_smile:


Hello Brett - thanks for pointing out the mail slowdown. As it turns out,
there were problems with Merit's SMTP service on Friday evening: our mail
queuing file system filled up, and mail service was out for a couple of
hours. Sorry for the inconvenience. To improve performance, we're in the
process of moving mail to a new machine with more disk space.