UltraDNS - are there any brain cells left?

I understand that since secondary.com operations were picked up by UltraDNS, there's been a signifigant brain drain within UDNS operations, and from what I've heard, there isn't a lot of smarts left there.

This anecdotal theory is borne out by empirical evidence- they seem unable to come up with the TSIG key they use when slaving my zones.

Secondary.com used a TSIG key, and UltraDNS continued using the same key (for my account, at least). Earlier this year, I lost the key when my nameserver had a nasty double-disk failure. Since then, I've been allowing axfr based on IP address, which is less preferable for many reasons.

I've recently had a chance to try setting up TSIG based transfer authentication again, but UltraDNS now claims no knowledge of such a key.

Are there any other secondary.com/UltraDNS customers out there who have TSIG transfers configured? Perhaps you could contact UltraDNS support and let them know which key they are using.

thanks, and sorry for the rant.
Matt Ghali

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