Ukraine help


I'm assisting a contractor of the Ukrainian government in helping to find volunteers (individuals or organizations) in order to protect Ukrainian IT infrastructure. Please see below for the original wording (contact details + signature removed but otherwise unchanged).

Right now, Anti-DDoS and telecommunications are the biggest topics. I contacted Cloudflare (replied, but no action so far) and Link11 (replied and action ongoing). Who else is large? OVH? Anyone got a contact? Who else is really skilled, maybe not just for web traffic?

There were discussion groups created on WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram, managed by the contractor. IT and network experts are being sought for on a volunteer basis. REMOTE tasks (mostly).

Everyone who's willing to support, individual or organization, please contact me offlist and I'll invite you to the chat groups (please mention which messenger you'd like to use).

Original request by the contractor:

"In view of the recent developments and military invasion, we would like to consolidate an international cyber resilience expert team to support Ukrainian critical infrastructure, including nuclear powerplants, and governmental systems. Due to the fact that Chornobyl seized by the aggressor is already giving some increase in the background, the risks are imminent and prompt reaction is needed. We need experienced cybersecurity teams, IT experts, possibly - computation powers, and data analysis. The contribution shall be on a volunteer basis."

Please feel free to tell your befriended IT, security, network people about this.