UK Web Press coverage of the NSI root outage

The text of a website article pointed out to the list last week was:

> > A series of major systems failures in the week ending July 18 have
> > called Internet security and robustness into question. Problems
> > started over the weekend of July 12 and 13 when a hacker is
> > believed to have penetrated the Internet's root nameserver, causing
> > severe disruption of the entire Domain Name system. E.mail messages
> > to .com and .net and attempts to access .com and .net sites
> > received 'unresolvable address' or 'host unreachable' responses.

I wrote these folks a note, sufficiently vitriolic that I'm almost
embarrased to include it here, pointing out that perhaps that article
could have used a _bit_ more research... and got this reply:

When an editor returns from vacation, there's always one major error
to deal with. I guess the InterNIC news item is my problem. I have
spoken with the responsible news writer and will be removing the
item from our server.


Quality journalism is so often enhanced by quality readership

Nicely done. I'm carboning your response to the NANOG mailing list,
where the original pointer was raised.

Thanks for your letter

No problem.

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