UK, NL, & Asia LTE Providers for Opengear Console Servers

Anyone have recommendations for providers who I can use for LTE on Opengear console servers in the UK, Netherlands, and Singapore? 1 provider for all 3 countries would be great but I’ll take what I can get. Oddly when talking to Opengear they don’t really have any great advice. We use Verizon SIM cards in the US with static IPs.


Google Fi

Are the Opengear boxes good gear? We currently have some boxes with a high failure rate and I’ve been on the hunt for something we can leverage globally that support LTE.


I’ve used them in both cellular and non-cellular capacities and been pleased with them. AFAIK they can be setup as an IPSec terminator for clients and block other traffic, which lowers the attack surface a bit. I’ve also seen people try to use “all the features”, set them up as DNS/DHCP/etc and attach them to multiple networks because they are “a linux box”. Its not great. Treat them as a console server and you’ll be happy. Treat them as a general purpose linux “server” and you’ll be disappointed at the lack of flexibility in doing things.

I just used swisscom in Zurich. I would expect Orange would probably cover both UK and NL, but don’t know for sure. Haven’t had to do anything in Asia recently.

Are you suggesting Fi because of:

"When outside the United States, cellular phone calls cost $0.20 per
minute, data costs the same $10 per gigabyte (i.e. there are no extra
data charges outside of the US), and texting is free."

Ergo, relative to the countries stated, permanently roaming?

I'd love to know if you've found that reliable - it seems too good to be

When using a data-only Fi SIM (which are free if you have an account, just pay the bandwidth), they always just act as a T-Mobile US MVNO and route back through the US. Still, latency aside, I've found it incredibly reliable (plus in many countries you can pick from multiple networks).

If you have an Android phone it may switch to 3UK/Hutch's global network, though I have less experience with that.


I've got a line on my Fi account that almost exclusively roams in the UK.
Only been on-net in the US a few times and they've never complained about
excessive roaming.

It roams on 3UK. And works fine. Albeit the LTE deployment isn't near as
wide there as it is in the US. And you end up on HSDPA pretty frequently.


According to , Project/Google Fi added 3/Hutchinson as a native carrier in the UK in the same way that Sprint/T-Mob/US Cellular networks provide service in the US.

One of Hutch’s subsidiaries probably provides service almost everywhere in the world (except, oddly, Mexico, last I looked). But whether there’s a Google/Hutch tie-in in that market another matter. A Fi data SIM should work in any Google-supported market though. Checking the bands used by the local markets (and/or the prospective device) might be a good idea.

Think I’ve had Fi for 4 years now. Stepping off the plane and your phone Just Works is kind of magical.

You can only activate a voice SIM in a Fi-supported phone - but the SIM will work if transferred to another phone once activated, you just may have fewer radios & lose functionality (like transparent in-call handoff between multiple carriers).

Hi Ryan,

Vodafone GDSP (Global Data Service Platform) might be what you're
looking for "We offer 4G LTE roaming in over 100 countries." - I've
been looking into this recently but can't find a list of those
countries publically available. I think you'd need to approach
Vodafone directly as an interested customer/party, and I'm working via
a VAR so no direct channel.


To the this point, I've a Three contract here (UK). It has slightly been
frustrating recently, I'll admit.

It does look like they're aiming to address that, however. More
re-farming 3G frequencies to 4G, additional bands: