uDNS Root Name Servers Taking Shape - on a couple ISDN lines

From: Paul Ferguson <pferguso@cisco.com>

I would really appreciate it, as I'm sure may other subscribers
of the NANOG would, if you DNS combatants would take this discussion
elsewhere, to a more appropriate list. I'm on the verge of constructing
filters so that I don't have to see this cruft -- short of that, I'm
now considering unsubscribing to the list.

The signal/noise ratio has degenerated dramatically.

On the other hand, these "dicussions" may provide strong evidence of
the possible utility of adult supervision in this area.


Good one, Tim!

Seriously, I have replied to a couple of people that privately emailed
me to "take it outside" that as long as you allow certain "personages"
to make statements about our organization that we will reserve the
option of replying here. If you want to cut down on the noise, moderate
the list or do what we did - have both a moderated and unmoderated list.
I have invited the interested parties to move it over to udns-flamers,
but I think they don't (he doesn't?) want to lose their (his?)
"audience". Sorry, you guys are going to have to kook-proof this list
yourselves I think. <grin>

Take care,
Ron Kimball for uDNS