Two Tiered Internet


What they are really saying is:

"We're _telling_ you that you need it because we need new
ways to generate additional revenue."



- ferg

And not by offering you anything you might want to buy, either, but by setting up wanky little tollbooths.

Long story short (excerpt from an email I sent to Tony
  Bates and Larry Lang):


  How many of these are in place today? Well, clearly google
  is building out, so there is potential for (i). to occur
  any day now. Likewise (ii) (linksys gear with 4 tunable
  radios, North-South WiMAX, east west 802.11bag, and
  you're there). Finally, (iii). has an existence proof
  that has all but wiped out the recording industry, plus
  gtalk, skype, vonage, ... So is the telco industry far

  A few folks have mentioned that "wiped out" might be too
  strong (which I agree with), and I had changed that to
  "restructuring", but some how that didn't get into the
  note I sent.

  So to those who send those corrections on "wiped out",
  thanks, and I'll update with your suggestions.