Two of us tomorrow

> > I don't know how formal NANOG meetings [are]
> Very formal. Wear a suit.
> Sean.

Actually, I think the rules state that if you wear a suit, you have
to wear open-toed sandals (no socks) or you'll have to sit in the
back rows, or between Sean and Curtis, whichever bothers you least.

is this a joke ?
I will attend for the first time. Someone tell me, so I don't
make an ass out of myself with sneakers, T-shirt and baseballcap
worn backwards :slight_smile:

I think the baseball cap on backwards might also be a sign of normality
which would cause initial wariness on the part of others @ NANOG.

But sandals, shorts, t-shirts <= x <= slacks and button down shirt (tie
strictly optional) hit the middle 90% of attire pretty well.