Two of us tomorrow

Sue (or anyone else),

I just woke up to the fact that I wasn't sure about where the meeting is
nor what the formalities might be. I asked someone here for assistance and
got the following directions: please look them over and holler if there's
an error.

I'd like the manager of our system, Rich Ogata, to come along to hear my
talk and perhaps a little bit of material beforehand. If some useful
discussions or possible organizational progress comes out of this, he's the
right one to follow through.

I don't know how formal NANOG meetings, but if there's a problem with
registration or whatever, I'll be happy to take care of it on the spot or

I'll try to get there comfortably beforehand, but don't panic if you don't
see me; I may have to cut it tight. I'll bring a small set of overhead
transparencies, and I'll keep the talk short.