Tw telecom noc/routing contact needed

I've been fighting with an issue with a Time Warner Telecom customer whose site is unreachable from our ip blocks, as well as a number of other ip blocks within my upstream's network according to the call I made to them. All I'm getting through listed arin contacts are apparantly unmonitored maildrops and customer contact numbers that won't put me through to a live person without a valid TW phone or circuit number.
Based on the behavior I suspect a reverse routing issue back to our ip blocks but have been unable to get much help from the other end of the problem.
I need to speak to someone, and if someone reading this list can has info but doesn't want to share it, if they can pass my contact info on I can be contacted via this email or the phone number in my signature. Thank you.

Someone from Time warner has gotten in contact with me, thanks.