TW in ohio

Anyone here using timewarrner residential able to use IPv6 natively during
world IPv6 day? I have the equipment to support it but never saw any ipv6
address being assigned to my firewall.

Brian Henson


I signed up for the beta a long time ago, and have never heard anything about IPv6 on the residential network. My company is one of the first (if not *the* first) direct connect commercial customers that got IPv6 connectivity in Ohio. I only see a few other ASNs that are directly connected to Time Warner locally via IPv6.

I wonder if they are having some problems with their residential rollout. I signed up for their RoadRunner "Extreme" when it was first advertised more than a year ago. They happily installed the proper DOCSIS 3.0 modem, and I was up and running. When I called about my upload speed being too low, I found out after several weeks and talking to numerous people that they have not yet upgraded their head end from DOCSIS 1.1. They subsequently took down all of the billboards and banners that advertised the "Extreme" packages. I still pay the higher rate for mine, only because I get much faster download than their standard service.

I am guessing that they will roll out IPv6 only after the DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade is complete.


Thank you for the information. I just wish they would get it all working.
At this point I would be happy with a GRE tunnel to a router that had IPv6.
I use tunnel broker now but with the low lease time of the TW dhcp server i
have to run the updater script just about every hour to keep the tunnel up.
/beginrant When I called the tech support line trying to get information
about their IPv6 plans it was like talking to a brick wall. Eventually I
got a supervisor on the phone and he stated that there was no need for
IPv6. Everytime I talk to their support I feel dumber and dumber. They
don't even know the difference between a software issue and a network issue
in most cases. I called about seeing extremly high latency at the border
router as seen by traceroute at 2 seperate locations and they refused to do
anything until I requested them to talk to their supervisor. They put a
ticket in to the advanced tech support but I never heard a word from them.
/endrant... So maybe they can't do IPv6 until they get the network issues
taken care of. Somedays I miss having qwest, their tech support was great.
My account was tagged in someway and they usually asked if I would like to
be sent straight to level 2 support once they looked up my account. Maybe
someone from TW tech support will eventually see our messages and give the
official response.

Brian Henson