Tucson Internet players team up

For Immediate Release: Tucson Interconnect Reaches New Milestone

Wednesday, May 1st, 1996 08:00AM EST

Contact: Ehud Gavron,
   ACES Research, +1 520 322 6500 ext 5
   Fax: +1 520 322 9755

TUCSON, AZ -- Another group of Internet Service Providers have teamed up
to avoid network congestion. While other providers fill up the clogged
arteries of the national backbones, ACES Research, Tucson's High-Speed
provider has created a local point where Tucson-serving providers can
communicate with each other. ACES is happy to welcome Primenet and Internet
Direct to the Interconnect. They join StarNet, RTD, The River, Opus One,
Zekes (Safford), and El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Mexico).

The Tucson Interconnect avoids and prevents Internet network slowdown by
keeping local communication traffic in town, and utilizing the national
backbones for external traffic. "We don't waste bandwidth, " explained
Matt Ramsey, ACES Network Manager, "this way if we need to send packets to
Primenet, or Internet Direct, we send them directly. Not through Sprint, or
MCI, any other crowded part of the Internet backbones. Packets from one
side of Tucson to the other don't go through California, Texas, or Colorado."

"The addition of Primenet and Internet Direct to our interconnect allows
all of Southern Arizona traffic to stay in Southern Arizona," said Ehud
Gavron, Senior Partner of ACES Research. "All the big providers except
the University are now exchanging packets here."

The Tucson Interconnect is a local interconnect offering high-speed access
to Internet Service Providers serving the Tucson area. It is located at 4003
East Speedway, Suite 123, Tucson Arizona, 85712. Connection is via point-to-
point circuits or PSDNs.