Tucows/OpenSRS Down

It appears that Tucows/OpenSRS is down and service should be restored by 1:00 PM EST today.

Does anyone know what happened and why there is no announcement on the ICANN website?



ICANN has nothing to do with OpenSRS, other then that Tucows is an accredited registrar. ICANN doesn't monitor or report on the availability of any of the registrars, or for the registry, for that matter.


ICANN is not responsible for OpenSRS's operation. FWIW, I did receive
this email this morning from OpenSRS:

Our system has been experiencing technical difficulties since 10:30pm EDT
(2:30am UTC). Our Operations staff are working hard to bring everything back
online. We expect a resolution in the next few hours. We will send
updates as we get more information.

James Smallacombe PlantageNet, Inc. CEO and Janitor
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