trying to move web site for New Orleans schools

The University of Central Florida, in cooperation with The Florida Lambda Rail is willing to host any educational web page affected by Katrina. We have a 10 Gig feed into FLR and multi-gig from FLR into the Internet fabric through Level 3 and Cogent. Unfortunately we can not offer the same service to commercial users.

The hard part is getting the word to those who need assistance. Some of these may be your customers, so if it is needed please let me know. The may contact me directly.

If this is off topic, I apologize.

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Computer Services and Telecommunications
Network Operations
University of Central Florida
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Simon Waters <> 09/01/05 12:05 PM >>>

get the school to contact netsol, they can authorize it without the

Note also the mail server for the domain used is up and running.

So the schools representatives may have an easier time getting the email
changes by speaking to their email provider (who they may have to talk to

Usually if you control the email address, you can get all sorts of lost
passwords, or authorisations sorted.