Trouble Playing Multiplayer Games from Reallocated IP Space


We have seen an issue where our customers who have IP addresses that are directly allocated to us can play online multiplayer games (NBA2k, NBA2k21, Fallout 76, and Stardew Valley were mentioned specifically) but when they have an IP that was reallocated to us by one of our Upstreams (Server Central), these games no longer work. I know NBA2k is behind Prolexic, but not sure about the others. 2k Games says that we, the ISP, must be blocking something, but there’s absolutely no difference in how data moves from our internet edge to the customer whether they have one of our IPs or one of the reallocated ones. We noticed that one geocoding provider has our reallocated IPs flagged as “hosting” IPs and maybe 2k is using some metadata like that to block our IPs.

Does anyone have a contact at Prolexic who might be able to help?

Tim Nowaczyk

check the brothers wisp geoip page

Tim, I'll get you off-list.

  - Jared