Trends in network operator security

Arent these more the attack trends of tier-3 providers and not network

Maybe. I don't see too many tier-1 network operators attacking other
tier-1 network operators. The trend I continue to see affecting network
operators is customer security incidents, i.e. compromised end-user

Seems to me that The the real issues is when the tier-2 and tier-1
infrastructure come under attack. Otherwise these others are all at the
applications layer - which so few on this list are interested in.

There are lots of interesting problems, but I don't know if 2003 is
the year. DOS is just too much fun.

    Route hijacks/bogus origins
    Compromised infrastructure
    MLPS alteration
    Authentication attacks
    Physical intrusion

Would be nice to see all tier-X service providers provide
more (working) knobs and response teams to help their
customers and peers track, diagnose and defend and protect
themselves against security attacks.


Symantec charges between $1,000-$2,000/month for a small or mid-size

Every major tier-1 service provider I know has a professional services
consulting team customers can hire to help with security.

I think pete's thing was more that all isp's should have 24/7 security
folks on call/staff that can track attacks/incidents and hand that
tracking off to their partners at other isp's as they reach the edge of
their network.

Say, what about a consulting service that does this for all large isps :slight_smile: