Transportation to NANOG

I was wondering if anyone else going to NANOG from the Bay Area was
interested in flying a small plane down. Specifically, I'm hoping
to find an Instrument rated Pilot. I'm a private pilot, but do not
hold an Instrument rating. Planes available to me are PA28 series,
including Warrior (PA28-161), Archer (PA28-181), Dakota (PA28-236)
and Arrow (PA28R-201). By that time, I should also have access to
a couple of T-tail Arrows (PA28RT-201) as well.

Even if you are not a pilot, but are interested in sharing expenses,
this can probably work out. My plan is to leave around 3PM on
Wednesday, and return during daylight hours after the meeting.
The schedule on the return can be somewhat flexible.

Please respond by email to