Transmission of tornado warnings delayed by major NWS tech issue

Weather Service tornado warnings were delayed during deadly Iowa outbreak

Susan Buchanan, the Weather Service’s director of public affairs, wrote that “a technical issue caused a delay of between 2-7 minutes for some transmissions,” noting that “system engineers quickly took action as soon as the problem was detected.” She emphasized that warning lead times averaged approximately 20 minutes during the outbreak.

“The National Weather Service is investigating this issued to determine the root cause and prevent it from happening in the future,” she wrote.

Weather radio was inaccessible in west-central Iowa as the transmitter tower in Denison, Iowa, suffered a “communications failure” Friday that knocked it “off the air.” There was no word of the transmitter being back online by Sunday.

Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Widgets now include severe weather alerts.
Google Search and Maps also include severe weather alerts.

Other streaming services do not have severe weather alerts.