Transition & RA material via WWW

Hi Everyone,

I have been working over the last several weeks on reorganizing and
updating Merit's Web material relating to its national networking
activities. Today some of this work has been made available from the
Merit top-level web home page. Information regarding the Routing
Arbiter Project and the NSFNET Transition is now available from the
top-level Merit home page at URL This
information is newer and more up-to-date than the information at, or (In the future, the address will be an alias for

I would like to add the caveat that this information is still under
construction. I have tried to concentrate on the Routing Arbiter and
NSFNET Transition information, but there are a few pointers out to
information on other aspects of Merit's national networking activities.
The information not directly related to NSFNET Transition or RA Project
is a bit more sketchy, and will be improving in the near future.

If you have gotten a different address from a previous mailing from me
regarding a test site, please stop using the test URL and use the one
referenced in this message. This is Merit's official site.

If you would like to access the NSFNET Transition or Routing Arbiter
information directly, without going through the Merit top-level home
page, you can use these URLs:

Regan Knapp