Transition of ENSS206 (CERN) <-> CNSS35 (ANS N.Y.) to Ebone Service

The rehoming of the U.S. end of the Geneva circuit from New York to
Washington, and associated changes to the routers on the ends of
the circuit, is complete and appears to have been successful. The
only snag is that, due to a configuration boo-boo, it was not possible
to use the intended primary path through CNSS57. Routing to AS 690 has
hence fallen back across MAE-East to ENSS136 (though with the native
AS 1133 in use). This will be corrected in Tuesday morning's configuration
run unless load on MAE-East seems excessive, in which case we'll
force the configuration change through sooner.

I've included a (slightly modified from yesterday) map of the situation
for people who like such things.