Transformer takes out datacenter (Reno, NV)?

Actually, most of the data center was working just fine. Advanced Telcom
Group was up and running (probably on battery), and MCI/Worldcom stayed
up as well. We have a T3 going through that building to Worldcom, and it
stayed up all night. A couple of the smaller ISPs were off the air all
night, though.

Power was indeed off to the entire building, and ATGs generator was involved
in the explosion, so kudos to ATG and Worldcom for having enough batteries
to last the night.

Hi Bruce-

  Just a clarification, but ATG's generator was not involved in the
transformer explosion. The fire department cut off all the generators in
the building for safety sake and would not let us turn them back on until
they made sure they wouldn't backfeed/cause more problems, so we were
stuck on battery until they cleared us (which makes sense, we certainly
don't want to cause more problems). It was about 7:30 when we were
allowed to turn back on the generator.

  For those who don't know, 200 South Virginia in Reno is one of the
few (if not only) "carrier hotel" in Reno, it has ATG, SBC, MCI, as well
as several local ISPs in it. It also has (or had) a Genuity pop, although
I don't know if they're still there or not. has a few pictures of the building.