Training the next generation:

thanks for the input.
Comer has a volume 3 that uses Winsock instead of BSD sockets.
Stevens UNIX network programming 3rd edition added XTI, I don't know why.
Market -- always a problem to have a pool of eligible students but its a hot topic.
A co-requisite of our Operating Systems course, which is required, isn't too limiting
-- gives a pool of about 60 students (the 30 taking the fall, the 30 taking the spring; not too many
who took it last spring will be around next spring). I can't take more than 30, would rather have 20.
Hunter is big on C++ but I found out that they don't teach methodology despite calling the courses software engineering.
Its really the same course as it was when they used Pascal, only now they use C++.
If I get up in front of class and start drawing use-case diagrams, nobody will know what I'm talking about.
so much for a class-wide project in the large.

I'm going for the Comer vol. 1 course, plus sockets.

Thanks again,