Traffic visibility tools

Good morning,

I hate to pull away from the 44/8 fire (KJ6BSQ here, and former AMPRnet user), but I’d like to get some advice from the community on traffic visibility tools…

We use a pair of appliances called Exinda for traffic shaping and visibility. The current appliances are end-of-support and the replacements are hugely expensive after GFI acquired Exinda. Traffic shaping is less of a concern now, as circuit speeds have caught up with our users, but visibility is still a big need. Those boxes do two things very well: 1) identification of FQDNs using SSL cert inspection on HTTPS traffic and 2) categorization of the traffic (i.e. Netflix, Youtube, etc.). We have Netflow monitoring using PRTG, but seeing something like ‘’ in Netflow logs isn’t very useful.

We’re looking for something that could sit either inline or hang off a SPAN port, handle 5-10 Gbit of traffic, do the SSL cert FQDN identification, and preferably group results by site/subnet/category. What would you guys recommend?


Kenny Taylor

WAN Engineer

Kern Community College District

tls 1.3 encrypted SNI or QUIC and then DOH will eventually make https opaque. Whether this is soon or not I guess is an open question but passive inspection will probably become less useful over time. it seems likely to cause industry / monitoring product change as well.