Traffic Shapping

I am looking to do the shaping on Ethernet Interfaces for a large fiber
plant. I have been looking the solution by Aponet. Anyone out there used it?
I believe it is what uses.

I've been using them for quite some time (~ 1 year?). Aponet was slammed
by NetworkWorld recently. The strange thing is I have never seen the
problems the reviewer in NW mentioned. We regularly pump > 7Mbps through
their 10Mbps box and have started stress testing the 100Mbps box. The
primary shortcoming I see with Aponet's solution is the lack of
prioritization or limitation by port number or protocol. Aponet assures me
they are currently working on a new release that includes such

In the interest of full disclosure, I did hang out at Aponet's Spring
ISPCon booth and helped them (for free) with a technical presentation.
Other than that, I'm just one of their customers.

Jim Browne
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